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Hi there! For the first time an eagle webpage is online !

Now, why did we make one ?!

Simple, certain people asked to make a site. After a while, I came to the process I started thinking why a clansite would be good. I didn't find much reasons though, it was just a ddrace clan...

That's why there are going to be some changes now ! Eagle will be divided into different squads. You'll have a ddrace squad and also a vanilla squad. Maybe some other squads will also come.
Each group will have their own section in the forum.

At the moment, applies for ddrace squad will be closed. However, you can join the vanilla squad because it is just founded and we're looking for people who have potential to grow in the game.

Some info about the clan?

The clan was founded by me (=CuBe=) and my good friend =Typhoon=, who I know in real life.
We started out playing HPrace, we had a lot of fun there. After some months ... Read more »
Views: 877 | Added by: CuBe | Date: 2011-07-05 | Comments (5)

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