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Main » 2012 » March » 30 » Ezio , Cartman and Virus2K leave.
11:11 PM
Ezio , Cartman and Virus2K leave.
Good luck and have fun to all.
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17 Rico  
Haha stalker i agree with trollface cart, best answer in this stupid discussion biggrin
One thing: why should i be proud that i was in eagle? Its just a clan not real life. Bitch Please! cool

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16 Typhoon  
Bye cartie ;-)

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15 Cartman  
Stalker best answer yet. Delo as well of course!

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13 Stalker  
What a discussion wink

Eagle is famous, I like all Eagles and I like Rico, we can play together anyway, so where's the problem? cool

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12 =Delo=  
"If u hear eagle, ull think "CUBE""
You forgot Delo! sad

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14 Virus2k  
im so sorry sad

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11 Virus2k  
Rico dont try to judge about something that u never will know ok?
Ezio never made eagle famous, nobody will care about it
If u hear eagle, ull think "CUBE" not ezio or L
How can u say eagle is down or smth else ? u can be proud that u was in eagle cuz ull never find a clan like eagle smile
And dont talk about me and my leaving reason/s if u dont know anything about it ok?

Eagle for president!

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10 =Delo=  
It was only my work because I'm almighty! :3

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9 CuBe  
LoL, ezio etc didn't make eagle famous at all.. eagle already was famous before them.

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8 CuBe  
Rico you're so dumb really ;-)

How can eagle ever go down if I stay in the clan ?
A clan is a clan if it has a name, and at least 1 member.

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7 Akira  
and you? heh, eagle is still eagle. every clan can have some ups and downs. now you can see that the member of eagle ( those who are still in it ~.~) have real life, and not that time to play that much as before. But ok, if you keep eagle still alive as a not eagle, fine. But anyway, is it a reason to kick me? And you don't have to ask something like "what about to kick..." here.

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