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Main » 2011 » July » 22 » s1erra got kicked !
1:45 AM
s1erra got kicked !

We in Eagle, all get along well with eachother.
Unfortunately, this couldn't be said for s1erra.

At first there was no problem, but then he began having some problems, and even proposed to kick a member who was in this clan for a long time. The reason for that was that he was not active enough. However, this guy has an active lifestyle and also has several mapping projects.
That's why we don't blame him.

I have therefore decided to kick s1erra to avoid further problems in the future.
I hope you can all agree with me.

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you decide

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5 CuBe  
@ monte, if you really want me to choose... It's quite an easy choice for me, and it won't be in your advantage

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4 =Delo=  
That's the thing, MonTe, you're in this clan for about two weeks and just decide
with s1erra to kick me? I think you don't even know the reason for this, lets call it 'shift'. And don't tell me now that this '+1 :))))' comment has another meaning!

Anyway, you really think this is the best? 'Kick me or him!!!', well, in my opinion you are in a blue funk. wink

Don't understand me wrong: You have skill, no question, but why you have chosen Eagle and not Phönix or Qi? I think you know the answer already...

Btw: In these 'pro' clans you never would go that far out on a limb...Think about it. wink

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<Monte, who you think you are...what about removing your stupid ass out of the clan?! > say Delo...sorry Cube but I do not want to be in a clan where this inadequacy so kick me or him !!!!

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2 CuBe  
I said it would be a democracy on accepting people in the clan, I never spoke about the rest yet.

The problem was you wanted to move some1 just because he was inactive for like 5 days. I'm not the kind of man who demands super activeness in my clan. We all have normal lives.

As you admitted yourself, you don't care for the reason that someone is inactive, you just stick to the facts: he's inactive. For me this is not the case, I care about why is he inactive, and most importantly: I don't take this game so serious as you do.

I'm also suspecting a bit of anger from your side, reading your comment here. Saying that I am a kid. However, this has not the effect you want it to have. It does me great pleasure you are a bit angry to get kicked. That must mean you expected a lot of this clan.

Thanks for your stay though.

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1 s1erra  
i have two questions for you, cube.
first: as we decided to form a vanilla squad we talked about the regime and agreed it has to be democration. so how the fuck YOU could decide to kick me? it was no community opinion so explain that please.

also correct yourself, kid: i didnt propose to kick delo. i asked to remove him from the vanilla squad, not from the entire clan. we haven't even discuss that for real, but bah: cube knows the future.

watch yourself, cube.

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